A winning and fine design for a Tender Boat with renewed spaces that offers the greatest liveability: Luxury Marine Commuter - LMC 650 Limo Tender adapts to any space and style requirements, as not only it reduces its dimensions, but also allows you to customize its coating – which is bi-coloured on the standard model – according to the colours of your yacht.


Its interiors and equipments are designed to offer the ship-owner an elegant and reliable vessel from any point of view: from furnishing to materials, from safety systems to on board technology, every single detail is accurately designed by IDesCo’s experts team.


LMC 650 Limo Tender is also equipped with several lockers for stowing mooring lines, anchor and chain, as well as double bilge system with a fixed fire prevention system in the engine compartment, a self-bailing cockpit, navigation lights and GPS system. With its height-adjustable console, a touch screen monitor, hi-fi system, courtesy lights, teak deck and precious finishing, in sailing trim, LMC 650 Limo Tender offers all the comfort and the agility of a fast motorboat and it is the ideal vessel for reaching the land and discovering the hidden secrets of the coast. This boat can transport up to eight passengers and it is certified in category C.


LMC 650 Limo Tender distinguishes itself by its cushion seat which can be turned into a sun deck and its exclusive waterproof hood which can be used both as windscreen and as sunshade. This elegant and stylish element will keep you safe from water, wind and prying eyes, guaranteeing you a sense of protection and privacy wherever you will go.



Its 170 HP inboard diesel engine with hydro jet propulsion guarantees a speed of more than 32 kn, and thanks to the use of diesel fuel refuelling can be done directly from the tanks of the mother boat, thus eliminating the problem of petrol supplying and storing.


Safety when under  way is guaranteed by mechanical locking devices and several sensors that keep under control the movements and positions of the moving parts. When starting the engine, the electrical system checks that all the automatic procedures are carried out correctly and the user needs to operate two levers manually before the main engine started up.


Thanks to its innovatory switching system, LMC 650 Limo Tender is an irreplaceable complement for those who own a boat: comfortable and powerful as a motorboat, protective and reliable as a limousine but still small and practical when you need to stow it on-board inside a garage.

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